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Labradorite Bracelet 拉长石滑锁绳手链

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Gemstone Effect 水晶功效

Labradorite 拉长石

Communicate with the universe and symbolizes the turning point in life. Bring new ideas and thus, solving problems with clear thoughts.



Product Description

*cannot customize*

suitable wrist circumference : 14cm - 20cm

bead size : 6mm

material: Natural Gemstones / 14K Gold Plated

color: Gold / Grey

All gemstones are unique hence there will never be two 100% identical stones. Reference pictures are as illustration only.



适合手尾:14cm - 20cm

珠子大小: 6mm

材质: 天然水晶 / 14K镀金

颜色:灰色 / 金色


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