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Blue Sandstone White Agate Bracelet 蓝砂石白玛瑙水晶手串

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Gemstone Effect 水晶功效

Blue Sandstone 蓝砂石

Increase intelligence, improves work efficiency and study ability, supports success and achievement.

增强智慧,提高工作效率和学历能力, 能够帮助带来成功和成就。

White Agate 白玛瑙

Relieve stress, promotes good sleep, help to strengthen affinity, makes people cheerful and smart.



Product Description


suitable wrist circumference : 14cm - 18cm

bead size : 10mm / 6mm

material: Natural Gemstones / stainless steel

color: Blue / white

All gemstones are unique hence there will never be two 100% identical stones. Reference pictures are as illustration only.



适合手尾:14cm - 18cm

珠子大小: 10mm / 6mm

材质: 天然水晶 / 不锈钢配件

颜色:蓝色 / 白色


How To Measure / 如何测量手围

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